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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Student Defies Book Ban


Saw this story while surfing - "Kid Keeping a Lending Library of Banned Books in Her Locker". This is the kind of thing that makes America great and gives me hope.

Here is an exerpt:
A school friend asked to borrow off him The Catcher in the Rye, one of the books in the banned list, and one thing led to another..." This happened a lot and my locker got to overflowing with the banned books, so I decided to put the unoccupied locker next to me to a good use. I now have 62 books in that locker, about half of what was on the list.

Full story can be found HERE

I found it odd that some of the listed books were banned, especially in light of the fact that I read several of them while a student at Monsignor Bonner High School in Drexel Hill, PA. Books such as Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies, Catch-22 and Animal Farm. Several others I have read independently, including two of my favorites, A Picture of Dorian Gray and Slaughterhouse Five.

Here is a link containing a list of banned books. The list was compiled by the American Library Association, and contains some insightful commentary as to why some of the listed books are/were banned.


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