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Friday, December 12, 2008

Gun Control and Its Hidden Agenda

Image Source: Patriot Underground

Here is an exerpt from a great article on the hidden agenda behind gun control by Texas Congressman, Ron Paul:

Gun control advocates tell us that removing guns from society makes us safer. If that were the case why do the worst shootings happen in gun free zones, like schools? And while accidents do happen, aggressive, terroristic shootings like this are unheard of at gun and knife shows, or military bases. It bears repeating that an armed society truly is a polite society.

The fact is that firearm technology exists. It cannot be uninvented. As long as there is metalworking and welding capability, it matters not what gun laws are imposed upon law-abiding people. Those that wish to have guns, and disregard the law, will have guns. Gun control makes violence safer and more effective for the aggressive, whether the aggressor is a terrorist or a government.

Read the full article here


At 4:31 PM, Anonymous cocked and loaded said...

Good to find a fellow John Wayne

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Pole from Poland said...

So what's the difference between wars in Europe (Hitler, Stalin), Cuba (Castro), China (Mao) and the US wars in Iraq (Bush), Afghanistan (Bush), Vietnaam and American Civil War (Lincoln)? Its not the fault of gun control (or not)... But try to read some more statistics about innocent casualties killed by maniac and psychos in USA, Norway and other countries without gun control. Then compare those numbers to the countries with gun control (like Poland). Do you see the difference now?

At 12:59 AM, Anonymous Deborah Wilson said...


The US Founding Fathers believed that an unarmed public was subject to become an enslaved and oppressed populace under a tyrannical government.

Had the south been without firearms the southern people would have surely been annihilated under the Lincoln Administration during the War Between the States as they were anti-federlists and would have never subjected themselves voluntarily to a tyrannical, centralized power hungry government and the loss of States Rights.

The southern leaders were also alarmed that Lincoln's Republican Party was backed by socialists and Marxists.

The right of self defense of person, freedom and state is very important to the American people.

Lincoln accomplished his goal *militarily*. But at what cost?

Lincoln had a choice - he chose war against the south in order to keep the money flowing to the north. The south, taking a defensive position, had a right to self defense and to prevent an invasion of the newly found Confederate States. America at that time was 2 seperate countries - the USA and the CSA - Lincoln refused to acknowledge that fact. By doing so, he caused the death of 700,000 men (including civilians) north and south. His actions can never be erased.

I know this doesn't fully explain the differences between the wars inquired of in your comment - but it does explain 4 main points that all had in common:

An unarmed public
The rise of communism
Bad Decisions

Maniacs and psychos exist everywhere - should they decide to harm or kill someone - they don't necessarily need a firearm - any weapon will do.

Peace my friend.


To Joseph:

An interesting blog - I just discovered it today. I'll stop by to read again.


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