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John Wayne's Holster: Ahmadinejad's Act of Desperation
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Friday, March 23, 2007

Ahmadinejad's Act of Desperation

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Early this morning, 15 British Royal Navy personnel from the HMS Cornwall were seized, at gun point, by troops of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

According to Britain's Defense Ministry, the British troops has just completed a "routine boarding operations of merchant shipping in Iraqi territorial waters". Upon completion of the inspection, which was part of a routine smuggling investigation, the US Navy's Fifth Fleet maintains that the British troops were "surrounded and escorted...into Iranian territorial waters", whereupon they were detained.

To me, the timing of this incident is no coincidence. The United Nations Security Council is due to vote of possible sanctions against Iran for its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment. The sanctions would ban "Iranian arms exports and freeze the assets of 28 additional individuals and organizations involved in Iran's nuclear and missile programs".

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismissed the possible sanctions as "a torn piece of paper" that would not stop Iran's nuclear ambitions. He continued, stating, "If all of you [Westerners] get together and call your ancestors from hell as well, you will not be able to stop the Iranian nation."

The reality is that Ahmadinejad is worried about the possible effects that sanctions would have on his politcal power. Ahmadinejad's control of Iran is tenuous at best. Currently, he is ruling the country through the radical mullahs, who in turn, maintain local control of the people by fear and violence. But Ahmadinejad and the mullahs have to walk a thin line. If they push the people to hard, they could be forced to deal with an insurrection, whcih could lead to furhter destablization - if not an outright overthrow - of their radical regime. Ahmadinejad is very well aware this. He knows that any possible sanctions against Iran could turn the heat up and cause the political situation in Iraq to boil over.

Thus, the latest political stunt. Ahmadinejad is hoping to provoke the Brits, and perhaps even her allies like the United States, into a conflict. That would create a difficult situation for the U.N. Security Council when they go to vote on the possible sanctions. The Iranian President is scheduled to address the Security Council prior to its vote. If he can successfully draw one of the Council members into a clash, that would create a conflict of interests for the Security Council, which may cause them to withdraw or delay any resolution calling for sanctions.

The Brits and her allies need to remain calm and resolute in this situation. Iran should be given a deadline to release the British sailors. If they fail to meet the deadline, Ahmadinejad should have his visa to visit the United Nations retracted. In addition, the proposed sanctions should be imposed and enforce. Moreover, the Brits and the United States should actively begin to support opposition forces within Iran.


At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely not a coincidence.

I completely agree with you, cooler heads need to prevail. Ahmadinejad is trying to provoke a response, we should not let this chump bate us.



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