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Friday, August 18, 2006

More On the Cease-Fire

Israel won!
Israel lost!
Hezbollah has been dealt a major set-back!
Hezbollah is more powerful now that before!

Actually, all this conjecture is premature. The war is not over. The cease-fire will be short lived.

For the cease-fire to last, Hezbollah must disarm. They won't! And Lebanon said they won't force them to. Israel will not accept those terms - and they have stated such!

Now a so-called "peace-keeping" force has moved into Lebanon. And at least seven countries have committed troops to Lebanon.

This could play right into the hands Israel and the US. If they had tried to build a coalition before the war to help oust Hezbollah, they would have gotten few or no takers. Now, under the guise of keeping the peace, they have seven nations on board. These nations will, in effect, maintain a buffer zone for Israel to the north. This will allow Israel to focus on the region around the Golan Heights and Syria - the next theater in the war.

I won't be suprised if fighting in the region breaks out again before the end of the year. Iran might even get in the mix if the IAF or the US decide to take out some of the nuclear capabilities.


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