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John Wayne's Holster: Get-Out-of-Jail Free, Part II
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Monday, June 19, 2006

Get-Out-of-Jail Free, Part II

The post below was originally written in response to a comment made by Roy over at Roy's Corner Store. Check out his blog when you get a chance.

I reproduced part of that response here, as I think it is important to point out the potential downside of the "No-Knock" legislation. I did not want it too be buried in a place where it had less of chance of being seen (not that many people read my blog to begin with). Anyway, here it is, out in the open.


As far as No-Knock goes, I think the potential danger here is that the ruling party could use this ruling as a tool to target polical rivals or leaders of politically motivated action groups like EarthFirst! or or whoever.

Anyone remember the King Alfred Plan?

It is not hard to come up with some charges of drug possession or whatever – be they trumped up or legit – to try and take down the leaders of these groups. Similarly, there is also the fear of the overzealous cop knowingly following the lead of unreliable info and engaging on a witch-hunt for a chance of making that “big bust” in an attempt to get accommodations and/or promotions.

Reminds me of the Gil Scott-Heron poem No-Knock, which was written in protest of the no-knock legistlation supported by attorney general John Mitchell in the early 70's.

From the album Free Will

You explained it to me, but I must admit,
But just for the record you are talking shit.
Long rap about no-knock being legislated
For the people you always hated.
In this hell-hole you weave, called home.

No-knock the man will say
To keep that man from beating his wife
No-knock the man will say
To protect people from themselves.

No-knocking, head rocking, intershocking ,
Shooting, cussing, killing & crying,
Lying and being white.


No-knock on my brother Fred Hampton,
Bullet holes all over the place,
No-knock on my brother Michael Harris,
Jammed a shot gun against his skull

For My protection?
Who is going to protect me from you?
The likes of you? The nerve of you!


If you are wise no-knocker,
You’ll tell your no-knocking lackeys

No-knock on my brother’s head,
No-knock on my sisters’s head,
No-knock on my brother’s head,
No-knock on my sisters’s head,

And double-lock your door,
Cause soon,
Someone will be no-knocking…
For you!


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