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John Wayne's Holster: I Voted For It Before I Voted Against It, Part2
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Monday, April 24, 2006

I Voted For It Before I Voted Against It, Part2

Massachusetts Invertebrate

It was revealed last week that the CIA fired intelligence analyst Mary McCarthy for leaking classified information to a Washington Post reporter about secret U.S. prisons in Eastern Europe.

The U.S. reportedly shipped prisoners captured in the war on terror through European airports to the secret prisons. Although allegations of all sorts of illegal interrogations and torture have been made, investigations by the European Parliament have not identified any human-rights violations thus far.

Back home in the U.S., politicians both sides of the aisle took postions either for or against the CIA’s firing of McCarthy.

True to form, Massachusetts Senator and 2008 Presidential hopeful John Kerry took both sides of the issue. For the sake of those against the war on terror, Kerry stated that he was "glad" that McCarthy "told the truth." For those who support the war on terror, Kerry stated “…leaking is against the law. And nobody should leak. I abhor leaking. I don't like it."

In my opinion, this is why Kerry should not be President (or Senator for that matter). It has nothing to do with his party afiliation. It is because Kerry is not a strong leader! He constantly has his finger in the wind trying to discern what is popular, rather than what he feels is right. Kerry needs to grow a big furry nut sack and stand by his convictions! I may not always agree with what Kerry stands for, but I would have more respect for him if he were more of a statesman and less of a politician.

That being said, conservatives now have themselves a credibility problem. Their support for the firing McCarthy while condoning the declassification of information - which was subsequently "leaked" to a reporter - for the purpose of sacking a political rival (the Valerie Plame - Joe Wilson thing) reeks of a double-standard.


At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Roy said...

This guy is unbelievable. Although I am not crazy about Bush the choices were extremely limited. I could not in good faith vote for someone who bases his decisions on the political winds. Especially in these times we need strong leadership. If Kerry did not realize this after losing in the 2004 election than I don't think he is going to learn at all. The scary thing is that Kerry thinks that this is helping his standing for 2008.

It is a shame that in this great country, politics is so shady that these were our two choices. There are certainly many better candidates than Bush & Kerry, yet we were forced to choose between these two.

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Baldurs Gate said...

I am not ready for "Herman Munster" again. I put him in the same class with "Al Gore." Who knows, if they hang around long enough, one of them could pull a "Richard Nixon" and make a comback---I would not put any money on the table though.


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