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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Will I See You in Heaven

Seventeen years ago today, I lost my Uncle Dan to a freak heart attack. He was 28. He was like a brother, father and best friend to me. When I needed advice, he was there. When I was in a jam, he was there. When I just wanted to talk things over, wanted to celebrate something, or when I needed my ass kicked, he was always there. When all else failed, we went to Ricci's under the Fernwood Bridge, where we always found the answer - or forgot the question. Never before or since has one person cared about me or his other nephews as much. I hope I can be the kind of father to my children as Dan was an uncle to me.

Will I See You in Heaven
by the Jayhawks, from the album Rainy Day Music

We were so close together
Yeah, you felt like a brother to me
Searching for a little bit of truth
But I found that it was living inside of you

Thought we could live forever
But there's more to life than we'll ever know
Tell me why'd you have to leave so soon
When I've got a thousand questions to ask of you

Will I see you in heaven
Shine your light from above
With your love I am never alone
Won't you carry me, won't you carry me home

Well, faith is the answer
Can you spare some to help guide me through
Swim across the ocean for a sign
Though you're gone,
You're always gong to be a friend of mine

Will I see you in heaven
Shine your light from above
With your love I am never alone
Won't you carry me, won't you carry me

Will I see you in heaven
Will I see you in heaven
With your light I am never alone
Won't you carry me, won't you carry me home


At 12:36 AM, Anonymous Sue said...

What a beautiful tribute, Joe. Dan would be so touched to know what an impact he has made on all of us in the relatively short time he had with us. You so eloquently express what I think we all feel; that he was there for us then and still guides our actions today. I guess that's because we keep him and his wishes alive in our hearts and in our memories.

Will we see him in heaven? You bet! I just hope he is ageing, too, like the rest of us down here, or he'll be pointing his finger at us and laughing his @$$ off!

Thank you for remembering, Joe.

At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Bunny said...


You always know how to say what most of us feel in our hearts. It seems like only yesterday, but then again so long ago that Dan was with us. We will never stop missing him. We were just so very lucky to have him in our lives, even though it was for too brief a time.

Thank you for such a beautiful tribute, Joe.

At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Mark said...

Joe Los, hope all is well. This time of year is always tough as we think of loved ones who are in heaven now. I was a bit younger than you guys so I only heard 'stories' of some fum times, but I remember Uncle Danny always seemed to be enjoying life and sharing with those around him. He always brightened up my day when I got to see him, and I will always look up to him.

Hope that you and everybody reading are doing well. Cant wait to hear the banjo (loved the outfit) and hope to see you soon.

At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, you are such a treasure so you didn't fall far from that wonderful turnip truck that Danny was a passenger on with you. The gift that Danny left is the part of him in all of us. That is the light inside that keeps us warm when we're cold. All those good hearts that surround us through our lives, leave a part of their heart with us. Carry on and pass it on. Love, Rene

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Erik Resch said...

Monk, very nice tribute. I knew Dan mostly as a customer in the store. I didn't realize when the anniversary was, but I thought of him this past weekend as I stood inside St. Louis for Paul Grisillo's funeral. Yet another life snuffed out too soon.


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