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Monday, January 09, 2006

NOW Is Shameless

Paterno Is Fired-Up

The National Organization for Women (NOW) wants Penn State football coach Joe Paterno to step-down because of remarks he made about an alleged sexual assault by a football player from another university.

Paterno was in Florida last week for the Orange Bowl. During a press conference the day before the game, a reporter asked Paterno for his thoughts on a Florida State player who was sent home by FSU coach Bobby Bowden for his alleged involvement in a sexual assault. Paterno responded, “…there's so many people gravitating to these kids. He may not have even known what he was getting into. They knock on the door; somebody may knock on the door; a cute girl knocks on the door. What do you do? Geez. I hope - thank God they don't knock on my door because I'd refer them to a couple of other rooms," Paterno continued. "But that's too bad. You hate to see that. I really do. You like to see a kid end up his football career. He's a heck of a football player, by the way; he's a really good football player. And it's just too bad."

Joanne Tosti-Vasey, president of the National Organization for Women in Pennsylvania, issued a news release calling for Paterno to step down as coach. In the press release, Tosti-Vasey stated that "Making light of sexual assault sends the message that rape is something to be expected and accepted." The organization is calling for Paterno to step down.

In my opinion, NOW should choose it’s battles more carefully. Coach Paterno was not making light of a sexual assault. And NOW knows it. NOW is trying to intimidate Penn State’s athletic department. Those of us who live in State College (home of Penn State Universtiy) know what is going on.

There is currently some controversy involving women’s basketball coach Rene Portland. Coach Portland recently kicked a player off the basketball team for poor academic standing and claims that the player engaged in "disrespectful, profane and belligerent behavior toward coaches and teammates". The woman, who is straight, claims that Portland really kicked her off the team because she mistakenly thought she was a lesbian. The National Center for Lesbian Rights wants Portland to step down. She won't. And the University is standing behind Portland.

NOW, who supports lesbian rights, is merely trying to take advantage of coach Paterno’s popularity as a means of focusing attention on the University. In the process, they are besmerching the reputation of a good man. Coach Paterno has given so much of himself to Penn State Universtiy. He philanthropy has benefitted both men and women at the university. NOW apparently has no problem tarnishing a person's character to acheive their own short-sighted and narcissistic goals.

NOW should be ashamed!


At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Roy said...

You forgot to mention that as of yet the sexual assualt has not even been proven yet. Still the media does not have a problem parading a person who is innocent until proven guilty, throught the mud. Couldn't it be possible that this girl is lying on an athlete. For all of the problems athletes and celebrities become involved in there are people that do prey on them intending to get paid.

At 8:44 PM, Anonymous Joe Verica said...

I originally had something in there that A.J. Nicholson has not been charged. I took it out, because I didn't want to make the post too lengthy.

I don't know if Nicholson (the FSU kdi) did it or not - time will tell. That being said, a lot of unscrupulous women target athletes looking to make a name for themselves or to get a pay day. Some even get drunk and do stuff they regret or are ashamed of. Rather than take responsibility for themselves, they say that the dude raped them.

Maybe the FSU kid did or maybe he didn't. I don't know. And NOW doesn't know either! I agree with you that NOW should refrain from making a judgement until the facts come to light.

BTW, thanks for the comment about the new pic.


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