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Monday, January 09, 2006

Israel's Next Is Step A Critical One

With the recent series of strokes suffered by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, it would appear that his political career is over. On a personal and humanitarian level, the recent downturn in Sharon’s health is a tragedy. On a political level, one must be concerned for how Israel emerges from this.

Politically, it would also appear that the future of his Kadima party will go down with Sharon. Likud (Sharon’s old party) would seem to have the most to gain, as most of the Kadima members were drawn from that party. As such, Benjamin Netanyahu will have an opportunity to regain power and restore a sense of normalcy – or at least a grasp of reality – to Israeli politics.

Although popular among some Israeli’s, many saw Sharon’s policies as unrealistic, even escapist. There are two imminent threats that Israel currently faces. The very future of Israel may depend on how or whether these threats are dealt with. Those two threats of course are the development of nuclear weapons by Iran and the emergence of Gaza as the most active terror base in the Arab world.

Unfortunately, the Israeli leadership currently has no coherent policy for dealing with these problems. With the collapse of Kadima looming, Israeli politics will likely revert to their pre-Kadima state. Hopefully a more realistic PM will take the reigns and deal with the threats facing Israel. Unfortunately, dealing with these threats may require military strikes against both Iran and terror bases in Gaza.


At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Roy said...

Tough times indeed! I agree with you about being uneasy with Sharon but him being artificially removed seems bad to me. I also agree that Likud will gain the most (oh the Kadima members from Likud must be kicking themselves)from the Sharons incapacitation.
For the hat trick, I agree that Iran is the biggest threat to Israel and they will need to do something because no other country has the will to confront Iran.
Love him or hate him, Sharon had a vision and the support to move ahead with his plan. Although working for peace he was no dove and the Middle East leaders knew that.
As for Gaza becoming a terror haven that can only help Israel when negotiating for West Bank. I think Israel must keep Jerusalem in its entirety.


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