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John Wayne's Holster: November 2005
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What Does Diversity Mean to the Left?

To most of us, the term diversity means something that reflects the collective experiences of people from a range of cultural, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. From the standpoint of a representative government, diversity would dictate that our leaders should be selected from these various backgrounds so that they can properly represent their constituencies

The Left may try to pass off this rosy notion of diversity to the electorate, but don’t be fooled by the façade. To the left it really means something completely different. It is actually their code word to indicate that there are not enough liberals holding political office.

Liberals like to promote themselves as the champions of diversity; however, their actions indicate that they are anything but. They make it a point to trumpet their “unwavering” support for minority candidates, but only if that candidate espouses a liberal ideology. If a minority holds views that are opposed to the Left’s ideology, then diversity goes out the window. In a perverse twist, diversity is then turned on its head and used as an offensive weapon.

For example, the recent nomination of Samuel Alito to the SCOTUS has evoked cries from the Left that President Bush is abating the court’s diversity. In an attempt to illustrate this point, the above-referenced editorial goes on to state that “the court with Alito would feature seven white men, one white woman and a black man, who deserves an asterisk because he arguably does not represent the views of mainstream black America

An asterisk!? I guess for the Left, diversity only applies to minorities when they represent liberal political views. It does not apply to conservative black men (or is it black* men) like Justice Clarence Thomas.

Just for fun, let’s see what it would be like to extend the liberal logic (sorry about the oxymoron). John Kerry does not represent the views of most Americans. The last election proved that! Should we therefore put as asterisk on his passport next to his citizenship? How about Teddy Kennedy? Most people outside of Massachusetts don’t agree with him on much of anything. Does he also deserve the American* designation? Of course not! That would be ridiculous. But that apparently is what Liberal logic would imply.

Unfortunately, the Left has not limited its shellacking of black conservatives to Clarence Thomas. They have gone even farther with other conservative black Americans. For example, Maryland Lt. Governor Michael S. Steele – a moderate republican - recently ran for the U.S. Senate. In their attempt to undermine his campaign, the Left has attacked Mr. Steele with derogatory racial remarks. They have lowered themselves by calling him an Oreo cookie, a Minstrel Boy, and an Uncle Tom.

Approval of these racially disparaging remarks was publicly given by Maryland state Senator Lisa Gladden, a black Baltimore Democrat. When asked about the attacks on Mr. Steele, she responded by saying that “Party trumps race, especially on the national level” Added support of these tactics is implicit in the silence coming from the Left.

In addition to being demeaning, these remarks are also insulting to the intellect of black conservatives. Apparently, the Left can not entertain the slightest possibility that black conservatives may hold their own self-formed political views. Perhaps someone should inform them that being a black conservative does not mean one “sold out to the white man to get into the Big House”.

With the exception of Kweisi Mfume (former NAACP President) and the Congressional Black Caucus, no one from the Democratic leadership has come forward to denounce these underhanded tactics. One can only hope that the level-headedness and sense of fairness displayed by Mr. Mfume and the Caucus will spread to others on the Left.