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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Where Have You Gone Joe McCarthy?

From the time of the New Deal right on up through the 1950’s, the US government was infested with agents of the Communist party and those who were sympathetic to their cause. How did they get there? Like most people working for the government, they were either elected, or more likely, they were appointed by elected officials.

Not everyone in Washington had the wool pulled over their eyes. There were a few people who were working to ferret out the Pinkos and expose them to the public. For example, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover provided both Presidents Roosevelt and Truman with evidence of Soviet spying and infiltration into the highest levels of our government.

Both Presidents chose to ignore it for political reasons. The establishment had its reputation at stake. They were fearful that investigations into their political appointments would uncover embarrassing associations between themselves and government employees who were tied to communism.

Perhaps the greatest crusader of truth of that era was Joseph R. McCarthy. McCarthy served as Wisconsin’s Senator from 1950-1957. McCarthy relentlessly uncovered subversion in our government. His detractors like to point to his personal failings in an effort to undermine him. And he did have personal failings! He was arrogant, he was crude, he bullied witnesses, and he was a dreadful alcoholic.

But he was also right about Communist infiltration in the US government – and the Left knew it!

The Kremlin’s apologists could not counter McCarthy’s message. Instead, they embarked on a smear campaign to destroy his public image. It’s one of the oldest tricks in politics. McCarthy was accused of being unethical, a witch hunter, and a destroyer of careers - among other things.

Fortunately, the charge of being a "destroyer of careers" is true. McCarthy did destroy some promising careers – careers of traitors whose goal it was to undermine the government of the United States. The country needs more heroes like him.

Even today, almost 50 years after his death, the term McCarthyism is employed by the Left as political weapon. Its very use is intended to impliy that the person to whom it is directed is making statements or conclusions based on shoddy, unreliable or otherwise questionable evidence. Throwing out a "McCarthyism bomb" is a convenient defensive tactic when one is being called to task for questionable behavior.

Ironically, most of the people who toss around the McCarthyism charge are grossly ignorant as to what Senator McCarthy actually did and said during his career. I guess the truth doesn’t matter. The left has found an effective tactic and they can not let go. Truth be told, the left can not afford to let go. They must maintain the fictitious image of McCarthy as an ambitious and ignorant witch hunter. To admit he was right, they would have to admit that they failed the American people. As Pat Buchanan puts it, “[McCarthy] stripped the old establishment of its reputation, credibility and moral authority...McCarthy convinced Middle America that FDR and Truman had been duped by [Stalin], and had tolerated treason…

And Senator McCarthy was right. And history has borne this out. Soviet files uncovered following the collapse of Communism, and recently released transcripts of intercepted Cold War era messages between Soviet agents and the Kremlin, validates the contentions of McCarthy, as well as those of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, and communist-turned-informer Whittaker Chambers.

We owe a great debt to Senator Joseph McCarthy. As James Drummey states, ”McCarthy was a brave and honest man. There was nothing cynical or devious about him. He said and did things for only one reason - he thought they were the right things to say and do.”

Perhaps Medford Evans summed it up best when he stated, "The restoration of McCarthy ... is a necessary part of the restoration of America, for if we have not the national character to repent of the injustice we did him, nor in high places the intelligence to see that he was right, then it seems unlikely that we can or ought to survive."


At 6:21 PM, Anonymous Roy said...

Nice Post! Have you seen the documentary, "Capturing the Friedmans?" It is made by the grand daughter of the traders who were executed by the government for treason. It is extremely revelaing. It was made out to be sympathetic to the Friedmans but misses the mark by far. It seems that there were many pinkos around then. Since you like Ann Coulter, I am sure you have read "Treason." But if not, great book!


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