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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Next President Clinton?

We are less than a year into President Bush’s second term, and already the focus on starting to shift to 2008. Democrats are hopeful that they will be able to recapture the White House, and perhaps even gain a few seats in Congress. And the GOP seems to be lending them a hand. Bush’s job approval rating is down to 40-41%. Although our armed forces are performing well in Iraq, the war is loosing favorability with Americans. The Valerie Plame affair, and the legal problems of DeLay and Frist are not helping matters either. To top it all off, conservatives are divided over Bush’s lukewarm choice of Harriet Miers for the SCOTUS.

The GOP is heading for an implosion, and the Dems are poised to seize their opportunity when it presents itself. That opportunity may very well present itself during the upcoming Presidential campaign.

Bush can not run – and Cheney will not run. As such, this will be the first election not featuring an incumbent in quite some time. Who will the GOP put forward to carry the conservative banner? Bill Frist? Sam Brownback? John McCain? Rudy Giuliani?

Frist has lost his momentum. Conservatives feel betrayed for his switch on the stem cell debate, and he has some legal problems to boot. Brownback is a possibility, but he is still a relative unknown outside party circles. Guiliani and McCain both have a lot of crossover potential with Dems, but many conservatives may be scared off by their left-leaning images. Condi Rice has also been mentioned, but no one other than Dick Morris seems to be taking it seriously. Condi herself said on NBC's Meet the Press that she will not run.

Perhaps it is too early to tell, but Republicans presently don’t have any strong contenders who can keep the White House in 2008. Unless someone dynamic emerges, they are primed to take a lickin’ in the next election.

Who will the Dems put forward? A few names have been mentioned. Al Gore and John Kerry may take another swing, but they both are saddled with a “loser” image that will be hard to shake. (Nixon did it, so who knows). Biden? Edwards? Clark? Unlikely.

Hillary? You bet! Unless something drastically changes, Senator Clinton will get the nod. She is savy and has a grasp on the issues. She is charismatic, attractive, and is gaining popularity. She will be a formidable opponent. Politics aside, she might even make a good President!

Republicans know this but for some reason they are taking a Jeckyll and Hyde strategy to counter the indomitable Mrs. Clinton.

On the one hand, GOP strategists are challenging Hillary for her New York Senate seat. Their plan is not necessarily to win, but rather to force Mrs. Clinton to expend some of her capital and to make her show her hand. In a sense, it is a testing ground for the 2008 campaign. Republicans have put up Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro to challenge Hillary. In a nutshell, Pirro is a social liberal, and an economic conservative. As such, Mrs. Clinton will not be able to flog her for her stance on the abortion and same-sex marriage issues. Instead, she will be forced to debate Pirro on economic and geopolitical issues. The goal is to assist the GOP in finding out exactly where Clinton stands, and then design arguments to undermine her position. The GOP can also float a variety of other issue-based arguments to see which ones will have the most impact with potential voters.

On the other hand, conservatives such as Rick Santorum, Bill Frist, Sam Brownback and Newt Gingrich have been hobnobbing with Mrs. Clinton in an attempt to move their own images to the center. The President himself has even arranged a strange courtship between former President’s Clinton and Bush in order to improve his image and gain broad-based acceptance of his efforts in Gulf coast hurricane relief.

This strategy is short-sighted and could backfire on the Right. By associating themselves with the Clintons, the Right has also given Hillary crossover appeal and credibility with fence-sitting voters who may otherwise lean to the Right.

The GOP needs to take a step back and reevaluate their 2008 White House strategy. Howard Dean is orchestrating a brilliant campaign thus far. So long as he keeps a sock in his mouth, the Left will have a legitimate shot at retaking the Oval Office. And Hillary Clinton may be the person to do it. She is a formidable candidate. Mrs. Clinton still has to win over the undecided voters in the American heartland. It will not be an easy task, but if she continues to get help from the Right, it may not be as hard as it seemed just a year ago.


At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Reality Check, biotch! said...

Let me tell you, when among your opening lines is this laugher:

"Although our armed forces are performing well in Iraq"

You are BEGGING to be treated like a comedian. What are the armed forces doing well in Iraq? Torturing, raping, killing maybe...

But then you had to blow your bowels with THIS nonsense:

"Republicans have put up Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro to challenge Hillary."

Someone is being challenged in this race, but it certainly ain't Hillary. And it's not in the political sense of the word either. Jeanine Pirro is "challenged" , as in friggin' retarded. The woman cannot speak more than two sentences without inserting her stinky RepubliKKKan foot in her MAFIA jizz filled mouth. The woman is so crooked as a prosecutor, the local department of traffic puts up warning signs around her. You're absolutely nuts if you think this woman will do anything, other than be promptly crushed, then investigated federally for corruption and RICO violations.

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Joe Verica said...

Reality Check?

I think your idealogy is getting in the way of your judgement.

You may not agree with the war in Iraq. If that is the case, I respect your opinion. You can also make the case that the Bush administration has not handled the post-war situation very well. They have not!

But that is not the same as saying the troops are not performing well. In REALITY, they are performing well. Whether you agree with the war or not, US forces are making tremendous progress! Take a look at what has occured in the recent Operations in Tal Afar and along the Euphrates Valley.

Your torture & rape comment is disingenuous. Every war has war crimes. But in REALITY, there have been relatively few substantiated charges against US troops in Iraq.

Abu Garhib? Please! For the most part, it was barely a step over frat house antics. I am not condoning the treatment of the prisoners at Abu Garhib! There were threats, and dogs. One of the prisoners appears to have been bitten! That is wrong! But I wouldn't put it is the same category as starvation, skinning, acid baths, electrocution, beheadings and the like. In REALITY, there is no wide-spread torture campaign by US troops!

BTW, the US soldiers involved in the Abu Garhib incident, such as Liddy England, have been prosecuted and sentenced. And rightfully so!

As for Jeanine Pirro, if you reread the article, you will see that I never stated my support for her campaign! She is not even running to win. The purpose of her campaign is to force Senator Clinton to expend some funds and give the GOP a glimpse at her playbook for 2008.

I you want to make the case that Pirro is crooked, and should not be elected, that is fine. You can have your soap box. I would tend to agree that Pirro is a bit shady, although I would not have put it as "eloquently" as you did.

At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Roy said...

If the prerequisite for running for office is the abscence of a shady past than I believe that disqualifies 90% of politicians most notably anything Clinton.

As for the troops, it is pretty difficult to fight with one had tied behind your back but that is just what they are doing. They fight despite the post war bunglings. The casulties have been extremely low in relation to other wars. Imagine the work they could do with out all the missteps along the way.

At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Snowplows said...

It's doubtful that Hillary Clinton knows much about plantations to be able to make her statement about the House, however, there are precious few women who would have the nerve to say it!

For that she should be applauded.

Since most Presidential elections are now about fundraising and favor swapping, beginning early would help to carry the nation over the 2008 finish line, and women are aching for a real candidate who is a woman. As fundraiser, she and her husband appear to be among the best.

Whether she knows it or now, plantation life changes very slowly so she could use the extra time for the nation to consider the possibility of a woman President. More time for debate, more time for mistakes! Since she's running for the Senate in 2006, does it really make a difference?

The Clintons have never shied away from milking the moment, and the more the better - for both parties, and for the nation. Any progress may be better than none.

Putting something in Wayne's holster seems to be the call of the day!


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