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John Wayne's Holster: The Left Plays the Race Card in Katrina's Wake
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Left Plays the Race Card in Katrina's Wake

The left continues to heap blame for Hurricane Katrina in President Bush. True, Bush was caught flat-footed the day after Katrina. Perhaps it is also fair to criticize him for not breaking off his working vacation at his Crawford Ranch. But to play the race card and insinuate that Bush doesn’t care about the people of New Orleans who were most affected because of the fact that they are black is disingenuous, insidious and disgraceful.

Then again, being disingenuous, insidious and disgraceful never stopped New York Times columnist Bob Herbert before. Herbert’s editorial piece, entitled A Failure of Leadership, claims that Bush" would have noticed if the majority of these stricken folks had been white and prosperous. But they weren't. Most were black and poor, and thus, to the George W. Bush administration, still invisible.”

This is completely ridiculous! It's another steaming pile from the mouth of Herbert. It is nothing more than bomb-throwing by a half-baked pseudo-journalist with a liberal agenda. Howard Dean would be proud!

Truth be told, Bush has appointed more minorities to high-level positions, including positions in his own cabinet, than most Democratic Presidents have. Moreover, Herbert conveniently fails to mention that the majority of the blame belongs in New Orleans and Louisiana itself. Bush is being scapegoated for the failures of New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, and Lousiana governor Kathleen Blanco.

For starters, FEMA has been warning New Orleans for several years that the city was vulnerable to this type of catastrophe should a hurricane strike. Why did the mayor and governor not order a mandatory evacuation of the city before hand? In the aftermath of the hurricane and levee break, Governor Blanco was tardy in implementing marial law. As a result, the city was thrown into chaos, as hoodlums overran the city and looted.

New Orleanians themselves also have to share part of the blame. Although many heeded government warnings and left voluntarily, those that stayed behind were thoroughly unprepared. I lived in San Francisco for a three years. Locals there know the threat posed by earthquakes – and most are prepared. They have “earthquake” kits in both their homes and their vehicles, and rations to last several days until help arrives. Why didn’t the citizens of New Orleans have any provisions?

Perhaps to the vipers on the left, it is not a point worth raising. It suits their agenda to lay all the blame at the feet of Bush.


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At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Roy said...

He great blog would you like to buy something? LOL Anyways, I agree that these lefties have gone off of the deep end. I do believe that FEMA did not resond well, but race had nothing to do with it. The state and local government did nothing to prepare the poor blacks for the hurricane. This disaster has been predicted for decades. The state and local government failed their constituency by not having a plan on what to do. The Bush haters have surpassed the Clinton haters in animosity and rhetoric. I can only imagine the blame that will continue to be heaped on Bush in the coming years.

At 11:04 PM, Anonymous Lone Ranger said...

The left has only two cards in their deck -- the race card and the class card. And drama queens aren't able to keep a poker face. And they're definitely missing a few chips.


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