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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Never Again! At Least Not Yet

Photo from Jerusalem Post

The Palestinians and the Jews both deserve a homeland. The question of how to bring this about peacefully has plagued the Middle East for generations. It is not my intention to summarize that history here. Those interested can find countless links on the interent to give you both sides of the story.

The tensions between Jews and Palestinians in the region are as high as ever. Now, Ariel Sharon has a plan called Disengagement. Under considerable pressure from the West, and severe cases of amnesia and myopia, Ariel Sharon has put into effect a plan to evacuate Gaza and the northern portion of the West Bank. The plan calls for all Jews living in the region to pack up their homes and businesses and vacate the area. Once the exodus is complete, Gaza will be used for the establishment of a Palestinian state – the first step in bringing peace to the region.

Sounds reasonable on the surface. But I wonder why the Jews living in Gaza have to leave for this to happen? Sounds like ethnic cleansing to me! There are also other ramifications of this which I will discuss below.

President Bush has assured Sharon that he will support Israel’s claim to “defensible borders”. To Israel, this means the West Bank. Perhaps someone should point out that the Palestinians have not agreed to this. In return for control of Gaza, the Palestinians have agreed to reciprocate by…um?…DOING NOTHING! The Disengagement plan essentially amounts to a unilateral withdraw on the part of Israel. A surrender that Palestinians see as a victory in their war against Israel. A victory they attribute to the successes of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. In fact, there is no indication that the Palestinian terror groups have backed-off from their goal of the complete annihilation of Israel.

Disengagement? Has Ariel Sharon flipped his yarmulke?

Opponents of the Disengagement plan see it as a disastrous military move that puts the safety of Israelis and the security of Israel itself in grave jeopardy. Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu believes that “Gaza will be transformed into a base for Islamic terrorism adjacent to the coast of the State of Israel” al-Quaeda is known to have a working relationship with Hamas and it likely to establish operations there. In fact, evidence indicates that al-Quaeda operatives, in the form of the “Jihad Brigades in the Promised Land”, are already moving in to the region. In addition, according to Gen. Aharon Zeevi-Farkash, Israel’s intelligence chief, al-Quaeda is shifting its operation from Afghanistan to North Africa.

The effect of the Disengagement plan is to give the terror groups, whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel, a base for operations within striking range of Israel itself. (It is not that far from Europe either.) To exacerbate matters, the forced evacuation of Jews from Gaza has the effect of depriving Israel of vital intelligence outposts and thereby creating a safe haven for the terrorists to train, plan and launch their operations.

As if this were not enough, the plan also calls to the release to hundreds of prisoners by the Israeli government. A large number of these prisoners are affiliated with Hamas, Fatah, and other terrorist organizations. Are we to believe that they will go home, withdraw to the countryside and raise sheep? Unlikely!

The Third Intifada has started. As Cal Thomas rhetorically asks, "Who will stop it?" It certainly won't be the Palestinians or the Arab states that fund them. The United Nations is unlikely to get involved, particularly if France has any say in the matter. Will it be Europe - with all there business interests with the Arab world? Can the United States afford to entangle themselves in the issue, in light of their precarious situation with Iraq and Iran? It seems as if the process has been set in motion from which there will be no turning back. Gaza is first, the West Bank and Jerusalem will be next! Israel will slowly fade from the region. And the West will stand-by - dumbfounded - watching.

And they said it could never happen again!


At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Roy said...

Nice blog. Its a shame that most Americans have succmbed to the anti-israeli rhetoric and believe we should stop supporting them. I think that Israel withdrawing from Gaza could be a good thing. If the terrorists do move in, that would give Israel the perfect excuse to annex the entire west bank. I also believe that Europe has not seen the last bombing by Al-Queada. Europe had been staunch allies witht the Palestinians but with each terror attack in Europe you can see them starting to wake up. Now they are deporting imams, if Al-Queada does base in Palestine it will be bad news for the Palestinians. While I dont believe Europe will ever become agrresive allies with Israel they might remain quiet while Israel handles the dirty work.

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Joe Verica said...

Hey Roy, you make some good points. I have this eerie feeling that the West and/or Israel may be setting up the terrorist groups - luring them into a trap as it were. The whole Bush doctrine of the "pre-emptive first strike" does not sell well with the spineless beauracrats in the UN. If the terrorists can be duped into striking first, then any response on the part of the West and/or Israel will be seen is justified. In the current scenario, that seems very likely.


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