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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bush Gets His Guy - Goo Goo G'Joob

Bypasing the Senate, President Bush made a recess appointment and named John Bolton as Ambassador to the United Nations. Democrats wasted no time in criticizing the President for the move. In reality, the move should not have come as a surprise - Bush had little choice in the matter. The UN has already begun to discuss the reforms set forward by Secretary General Kofi Annan. It is critical that the President have his ambassador present for these negotiations to ensure that the views of the US (which pays 22% of the UN’s budget) are heard. So like it or not, Bush got his man! And it is John Bolton!

Bolton will serve for a minimum of 18 months - until the next session of Congress opens. At that time, he will come up for a vote again, where it is widely believed he will be confirmed. Within hours of the appointment, Bolton was sworn in and was on the job. Bolton's mission, according to the President, is to “…speak for me on critical issues facing the international community. [John Bolton will] make it clear that America values the potential of the United Nations to be a source of hope and dignity and peace.

What exactly is are the UN's role? Contrary to the view apparently held by Senate democrats, the role of the UN is NOT to protect and maintain the status quo. According to the UN charter, its role is to advance peace and freedom, to protect fundamental human rights, and to promote social progress. The President, and the majority of Congressional conservatives, believe that the UN has strayed from its mission.

President Bush firmly believes that the UN must return to its roots if it is to realize its intended mission. In recent years, the UN has been rocked by scandals. For example, Sudan served on the Human Rights Commision - in the midst of an ongoing genocide in its own country. Institutional mismanagement has lead to a cornucopia of corruption, such as the Iraq oil-for-food scandal, and the Congo sex scandal.

Now is a critical time to see that the UN's reform mission is accomplished. It is with that goal in mind that the President has sent John Bolton. By most accounts, Bolton is a tough man to work for – an SOB if you will. He is straight shooter - blunt, in your face, and demanding. Just the type of guy the President wants. The kind of guy the UN desparately needs. The President is not looking to send someone to nod and coddle the bureaucrats on Embassy row, but rather to knock some heads together and get some results.

He found the right guy!


At 1:50 AM, Anonymous Al said...

Well good. It's about time we found out what this Bush guy really stands for, eh?

Other Presidents were given their chance. I mean, Roosevelt wasn't obstructed by the Senate, and when he faced down the Supreme Court they backed down.

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

What I'm really rooting for is a reduction of the amount of force that can be applied to either side. Though an overthrow of the UN's hubristic aspirations toward replacing all of the world's governments wouldn't bother me at all. I'm barely able to tolerate my local city council.


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