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Monday, June 27, 2005

Ascent of Humanity

A friend of mine, Charles Eisenstein, is in the process of publishing a book entitled The Ascent of Humanity. I have had the priviledge of reading drafts of a good deal of the book. I thought some of you might find it quite interesting, particularly those interested in the human condition. Chuck has set up a blog with access to parts of the book, as well as some of his other writings. You can view it here.

I would recommend visiting the site and reading the introduction to the book.

I have written a short review of the book, which I have included below.

The Review

The Ascent of Humanity is quite an impressive book - and no small undertaking. The subject matter is quite complex; however, Eistenstein seems to have a knack for explaining it in an understandable and very readable manner. His personal insights are illuminating and make otherwise difficult concepts easier for the reader to assimilate.

As Eisenstein skillfully illustrates, the alientation and anxienty that define the modern human condition is rooted in our separation from nature. Eistenstein traces the separation from the pre-agricultural period up to the modern age, and offers sensible solutions for a return to a way of life in accord with our humanity. He is well read and backs up his arguments with sound reasoning.

As a research biologist, I was particularly drawn to those parts of the book concerning evolution and genetics. Ironically, it seems that science, which dragged our self-alientation to its peak, may help to usher in a return to the self. Eistenstein draws our attention to exciting new avenues of research in these areas that have broken free from the self-imposed limitations of reductionism. This paradigm-shifting research is helping to lay the foundation for a reunion of man with himself and nature.

I am looking forward to its publication.


At 12:18 AM, Anonymous Al said...

That does sound interesting. It may explain my fascination with the Voyageurs. Or, rather, develop my understanding; that train of my thought is not unconscious.

At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Mister B said...


Thanks for encouraging your readers to check this book -- and the author's blog -- out. Trenchant analysis of topics that are usually so intangible that they resist articulation.

At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Celia said...

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