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Monday, February 07, 2005

Eagles Fall Short

Boy am I bummed! The Eagles came up a bit short in the Supe. Donovan was a bit tight and didn't have his best game, but I do think he played well enough to win. T.O. had a fantastic game - in retrospect, they should have gone to him more often. The turnovers certainly did not help, but I think the reasons they lost the game were: 1, inability to establish the running game. 2, defense could not pressure Brady, and 3, poor clock management at the end. Not much else to say, except that the Eagles will be back next year.


At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Mister B said...

I was pulling for Donovan (ever since Limbaugh's gaffe about him being overrated, I've taken a bigger interest in seeing him shove his talent down the throat of that assessment, my tortured metaphor aside).

I thought there was something else the Eagles did poorly during the game - protect the QB! The offensive line got shoved around on the very first play of the game.

I wanted to see the Eagles win. They're probably the best team overall for the past five years, still no title. That has to hurt.


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